Don Pullen: Discography

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Indicated are the years of recording, not of releasing!
Giuseppi Logan: The Guiseppi Logan Quartet (1964)
Tabla Suite; Dance Of Satan; Dialogue; Taneous; Bleecker Partita
+ Milford Graves, Eddie Gomez

Giuseppi Logan: More (1965)
Mantu; Shebar; [Curve eleven;] Wretched saturday
+ Reggie Johnson, Milford Graves, Eddie Gomez

Milford Graves/Don Pullen: In Concert at Yale University Volume 1 (1965)
P.G. I; P.G. II

Milford Graves/Don Pullen: Nommo (Volume 2) (1966)
P.G. III; P.G. IV; P.G. V

Charles Williams: Charles Williams (1971)
You Got Me Running, Please Send Me Someone to Love, Bacon Butt Fat, Country Mile, Catfish Sammich, There Is No Greater Love
+ David Bubba Brooks, Ted Dunbar, Gordon Edwards, William Curtis

Charles Williams: Trees And Grass And Things (1971)
Trees and Grass and Things; Chop! Chop!; Cracklin' Bread; Exactly Like You; Song From The Old Country; Booger Bear; Moving Up
+ David Bubba Brooks, Cornell Dupree, Jimmy Lewis, Montego Joe

Charles Williams: Stickball (1972)
Who Is He; People Make the World Go Round; Where Is The Love; Iron Jaws; Drown In My Own Tears; Ain't No Blues; Just Before Day
+ Bubba Brooks, Frank Wess, Paul Griffin, Cornell Dupree, David Spinozza, Gordon Edwards, Clyde Lucas, David Carey, Ray Barretto

Charles Mingus: Jazz in Detroit (1973)
Pithecanthropus Erectus; The Man Who Never Sleeps; Peggy's Blue Skylight; Celia; C Jam Blues; Orange Was The Color of Her Dress, Then Blue Silk Dizzy Profile; Noddin' Ya Head Blues
+ John Stubblefield, Joe Gardner, Don Pullen, Roy Brooks

Charles Mingus: Mingus Moves (1973)
Canon; Opus4; Moves; Wee; Flowers For A Lady; Newcomer; Opus3
+ Ronald Hampton, George Adams, Dannie Richmond u.a.

Charles Mingus: At Carnegie Hall (1974)
C jam blues; Perdido
+ George Adams, Hamiet Bluiett, Jon Faddis, Dannie Richmond u.a.

Marcello Melis/Mario Schiano: Perdas De Fogu (1974)
Sa Bruscia Narat; Italjazz; Rivvalta; Perdas De Fogu; Sulcis; Anghelu Ruju
+ Sheila Jordan, Bruce Johnson, Ray Mantilla, Jerome Cooper

Charles Mingus: Changes One (1974)
Remember Rockefeller at Attica; Sue's changes; Devil blues; Duke Ellington's sound of love
+ George Adams, Jack Walrath, Dannie Richmond

Charles Mingus: Changes Two (1974)
Free call block F,'tis Nazi U.S.A.; Orange was the color of her dress,then silk blue; Black bats and poles; Duke Ellington's sound of love; For Harry Carney
+ George Adams, Jack Walrath, Dannie Richmond u.a.

Charles Mingus: Passions Of A Man: An Anthology Of His Atlantic Recordings (1973-1974)
Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love; Sue's Changes; Canon; Free Cell Block F, 'Tis Nazi U.S.A.
+George Adams, Jack Walrath, Dannie Richmond u.a.

Charles Mingus: I Grandi del Jazz (1974)
Pithecanthropus Erectus; Wednesday Nigh Prayer Meeting; Tonight At Noon; Haitian Fight Song; Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love
+ George Adams, Jack Walrath, Dannie Richmond

Charles Mingus: Pasije Cloveka (1973-74)
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting; Devil Woman; Canon; Free Cell Block F, 'tis Nazi U.S.A.; Goodbye, Porkpie Hat; Better Git Hit In Your Soul
+George Adams, Ronald Hampton, Jack Walrath, Dannie Richmond

Charles Mingus: Stormy&Funky Blues (1974)
[Blues For A Saw;] Flowers For A Lady; Devil Blues; Opus 3; [Cumbia&Jazz Fusion]
+George Adams, Hamiett Bluiett, Dannie Richmond u.a.

Don Pullen: Solo Piano Album (1975)
Richard's Tune; Suite (Sweet) Malcolm; Big Alice; Song Played Backwards

Don Pullen: Jazz A Confronto (1975)
Calypso In Roma; Sploogie Doo; Dee Arr; Traceys Of Daniel
+ George Adams, Danny Richmond, David Williams

George Adams: Jazz A Confronto (1975)
Cry From The Mountain; Song Of Adam; Requiem For A Slumlord; Payday Blues; You Name It
+ Danny Richmond, David Williams

Dannie Richmond: Jazz A Confronto (1975)
Neta Babe Boogie; Waltz For Tamia; April Denise; I Told You So
+ George Adams, Jack Walrath, David Friesen, Irio de Paula, Afonso Vielra

George Adams: Suite For Swingers (1975)
Suite For Swingers; Blues by the River; Melodic Rhapsody
+ David Friesen, Dannie Richmond, Afonso Vielra

Don Pullen: Five to Go (1975)
Five to Go; Four Move

Don Pullen/Sam Rivers: Capricorn Rising (1975)
Break Out; Capricorn Rising; Joycie Girl; Fall Out
+ Sam Rivers, Alex Blake, Bobby Battle

Don Pullen: Healing Force (1975)
Pain Inside; Tracey's Blues; Healing Force; Keep on Steppin'

Sam Rivers: Black Africa! (1976)
soprano Section; piano & flute section; flute & tenor Section; Villalogo encore; Perugia finale
+ Joe Daley, Sidney Smart

Don Pullen: Tomorrow's Promises (1976/77)
Big Alice; Autumn Song; Poodie Pie; Kadji; Last Year's Lies and Tomorrows Promises; Let's Be Friends
+ George Adams, Michal Urbaniak, Randy Brecker, Sterling Magee, Roland Prince, John Flippin, Tyrone Walker, Ray Mantilla, Bobby Battle, Hannibal Peterson, Alex Blake, Rita DaCosta

Billy Hart: Enchance (1977)
Diff Customs; Shadow Dance; Layla-Joy; Corner Culture; Rahsaan Is Beautiful; Pharoah; Hymn For The Old Year
+ Oliver Lake, Dewey Redman, Marvin Peterson, Eddie Henderson, Buster Williams, Dave Holland, Thabo Michael Carvin

Don Pullen: Montreux Concert (1977)
Richard's Tune; Dialogue Between Malcolm and Betty
+ Jeff Berlin, Steve Jordan, Raphael Cruz, Sammy Figueroa

Herbie Mann: Mellow (1977)
[Bend Down Low; Sir Charles Duke; Cecelia; Cinnamon Flower;] Memphis Underground; [Another Star]
+ Jeff Berlin, Steve Jordan, Raphael Cruz, Sammy Figueroa

Hamiet Bluiett: SOS (1977)
Sobre una nube / Na Likolo / On a Cloud
+ Fred Hopkins, Famoudou Don Moye

Hamiet Bluiett: Im/Possible To Keep (1977)
Oasis/The Well; Sobre Una Nube (On A Cloud); Pretty Tune; Yusuf/Sankofa; Tune Up; R.B.
+ Fred Hopkins, Famoudou Don Moye

David Murray: Vol. I (Penthouse Jazz) (1977)
Dewey's Circle; Joann's Green Dress
+ Butch Morris, Fred Hopkins, Stanley Crouch

David Murray: Vol. II (Holy Seige on Intrigue) (1977)
Flowers for Albert; Patricia -- Lost & Lonely; Holy Seige on Intrigue
+ Butch Morris, Fred Hopkins, Stanley Crouch

David Murray: Flowers for Albert (1977)
Flowers for Albert; Patricia -- Lost & Lonely; Holy Seige on Intrigue; Joann's Green Satin Dress
+ Butch Morris, Fred Hopkins, Stanley Crouch

Hamiet Bluiett: Resolution (1977)
Happy Spirit; Flux; A Bad M.F.; Head Drake; Before Yesterday; Spring's Joy; Mahalia...No Other One
+ Fred Hopkins, Famadou Don Moye, Billy Hart

Hamiet Bluiett: Orchestra, Duo And Septet (1977)
Glory; Symphony For World Peace; Nioka; Oasis
+ Ladji Camara; Reggie Workman; Ahmed Abdul-Malik, Thabo Michael Carvin, Chief Bey

Cecil McBee: Alternate Spaces (1977)
Alternate Spaces; Consequence; Come Sunrise; Sorta, Kinda Blue; Expression
+ Joe Gardner, Chico Freeman, Allen Nelson, Famadou Don Moye

Sunny Murray: Apple Cores (1978)
Apple Cores; Past Perfect Tense; One Down And One Up; [New York Maze; Applebuff]
+ Frank Foster, Oliver Lake, Jimmy Vass, Youseff Yancy, Monnette Sudler, Cecil McBee

Don Pullen/Chico Freeman/Fred Hopkins/Bobby Battle: Warriors (1978)
Warriors Dance: Little Don (Part 1); Warriors Dance: Little Don (Part 2); Land of the Pharoahs
+ Chico Freeman, Fred Hopkins, Bobby Battle

Marcello Melis: Free to Dance (1978)
Before the Lights Go On; Struggle to Be; Free to Dance
+ Sheila Jordan, Jeanne Lee, Lester Bowie, Enrico Rava, George Lewis, Gary Valente, Fred Hopkins, Nana Vasconcelos, Don Moye

Don Pullen: Milano Strut (1978)
Conversation; Communication; Milano Strut; Curve Eleven (for Giuseppi)
+ Don Moye

Mingus Dynasty: Chair in the Sky (1979)
Boogie Stop Shuffle; A Chair in the Sky; My Jelly Roll Soul; Sweet Sucker Dance; The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines; Goodbye Porkpie Hat
+ John Handy, Joe Farrell, Jimmy Owens, Jimmy Knepper, Charlie Haden, Dannie Richmond

Joseph Jarman/Don Pullen/Don Moye: The Magic Triangle (1979)
Lonely child; J.F.M.-3 way blues; Hippy dippy; What was ain't
+ Joseph Jarman, Famoudou Don Moye

George Adams/Don Pullen: All That Funk (1979)
Dee Arr; Alfie; Intentions; Big Alice
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

George Adams/Don Pullen: Don't Lose Control (1979)
Autumn Song; Don't Lose Control; Remember?; Double Arc Jake; Places&Faces
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

George Adams/Don Pullen: More Funk (1979)
Metamorphosis For Charles Mingus; So Nice; God Bless The Child; Devil Blues
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

Beaver Harris: Negcaumongus (1979)
Negcaumongus Part One; Negcaumongus Part 2 / Well Kept Secret
+ Hamiet Bluiett, Ricky Ford, Francis Haynes, Ken McIntyre, Cameron Brown

Beaver Harris: 360° Experience - A Well-Kept Secret (1980)
Land of the Pharoahs; Double Arc Jake; The Newcomer
+ Bill Warnick, Greg Williams, Willie Ruff, Candido Camero, Sharon Freeman, Hamiet Bluiett, Ricky Ford, Buster Williams, Francis Haynes

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet: Earth Beams (1980)
Earth Beams; Magnetic Love Field; Dionysus; Saturday Nite in the Cosmos; More Flowers; Sophisticated Alice
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet: Life Line (1981)
The great escape,or run John Henry run; Seriously speaking; Soft seas; Nature's children; Protection; Newcomer/Seven years later
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

George Adams & Don Pullen: Melodic Excursions (1982)
The Calling; God has smiled on Me; Kahji; Playground Uptown and Downtown; Decicions; Reflexions Inward; Resolution of Conflicts

Marcello Melis: Angedras (1982)
Angedras 1 (Water); Angedras 2 (Earth); Angedras 3 (Air); Angedras 4 (Fire)
+ Don Moye, Sandro Satta

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet: City Gates (1983)
Mingus Metamorphosis; Samba For Now; Thank You Very Much Mr. Monk; Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen; City Gates
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet: Live at the Village Vanguard (1983)
The Necessary Blues (Thank You Very Much Mr. Monk); Solitude; Intentions; Diane
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

George Adams: Live at the Village Vanguard Vol.2 (1983)
Saturday Night in the Cosmos; City Gates; The Great Escape; Big Alice
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

Don Pullen: Evidence of Things Unseen (1983)
Evidence of Things Unseen; Victory Dance; In the Beginning; Perseverance; Rejoice

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet: Decisions (1984)
Trees and Grass and Thangs; His Eye Is on the Sparrow; Message Urgent; Decisions; Triple Over Time; I Could Really For You
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

Don Pullen: Plays Monk (1984)
Well, You Needn't; Round Midnight; Monkin' Around; Trinkle Trinkle; Gratitude; In Walked Bud

David Murray: Children (1984)
[David - Mingus; Death;] All the Things You Are; [Tension]
+ James Blood Ulmer, Lonnie Plaxico, Marvin Smith

George Adams: Live at Montmartre (1985)
I.J.; Flame Games; Well, I Guess We'll Never Know; Forever Lovers; Song Everlasting
+ Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield

Don Pullen Quintet: The Sixth Sense (1985)
The Sixth Sense; In the Beginning; Tales From the Brightside; Gratitude; All is Well
+ Olu Dara, Donald Henderson, Fred Hopkins, Bobby Battle

Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet: Breakthrough (1986)
Mr. Smoothie; Just Foolin' Around; Song From the Old Country; We've Been Here All the Time; A Time for Sobriety; The Necessary Blues
+ George Adams, Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

Hamiett Bluiett&Concept: Live At Carlos I (1986)
The Mighty Denn; Full, Deep And Mellow; Nali Kola (aka Sobre Une Nube); Oleo; A Night in Tunisia
+ Idris Muhammad, Chief Bey, Fred Hopkins

Hamiett Bluiett&Concept: Live At Carlos I: Another Night (1986)
I'll Close My Eyes; Wide open; Autumn Leaves; John; Sobre Una Nube
+ Idris Muhammad, Chief Bey, Fred Hopkins

Don Pullen: Song Everlasting (1987)
Sun Watchers; Serenade for Sariah; 1529 Gunn Street; Warm Up; Sing Me a Song Everlasting; Another Reason to Celebrate
+ George Adams, Cameron Brown, Dannie Richmond

Roy Brooks: Duet In Detroit (1983)
[Introduction; Zulu; Waltz For Sweetcakes; Elegy For Eddie Jefferson; Jeffuso;] Introduction; Forever Mingus; Healing Force; [Samba Del Sol; Duet In Detroit]

Conjure: Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon (1987)
(13 tracks, several artists)

Jane Bunnett: In Dew Time (1988)
Big Alice; The Wanderer; Limbo; [Utviklingssang; In Dew Time; Five/As Long As There's Music]
+ Dewey Redman, Vincent Chancey, Larry Cramer, Claude Ranger, Scott Alexander

George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet: Jazzbühne Berlin (1988)
Serenade For Sariah; Mr. Smoothie; Thank You Mr. Monk
+ George Adams, Cameron Brown, Lewis Nash

Don Pullen: New Beginnings (1988)
Jana's delight; Once upon a time; Warriors; New beginnings; At the cafe centrale; Reap the whirlwind; Silence-death
+ Gary Peacock, Tony Williams

Jane Bunnett/Don Pullen: New York Duets (1989)
Bya-ya; Ginastera; Double Arc Jake; For Merceditas; Main Street; Make Someone Happy; Nice Work; The Wanderer; Gratitude; Little Rootie Tootie

Maceo Parker: Roots Revisited (1989)
Them that got; Children's world; Better get hit in yo' soul; People get ready; Up and down east street; Over the rainbow; Jumpin' the blues; In time; Them that got (alternate take); Funky Christmas
+ Fred Wesley, Pee Wee Ellis, Vince Henry, Bill Stuart, Rod Jones, Bootsy Collins

Paul Haines: Darn It! (1990)
..;Rawalpindi Blues;...
+ Jack Bruce, Leo Nocentelli, Robbie Ameen, Marvin Smith

Bill Cosby: Where You Lay Your Head (1990)
[Ursalina; Where You Lay Your Head; Mouth Of The Blowfish; Four Queens And A King;] Why Is It I Can Never Find Anything In The Closet (It's Long But It's Alright)
+ Sonny Sharrock, Mark Egan, Jack DeJohnette, Harold Vick (ts)

Don Pullen: Random Thoughts (1990)
Andre's ups and downs; Random thoughts; Indio Gitano; The dancer; Endangered species; African American youth; 626 fairfax; Ode to life
+ James Genus, Lewis Nash

Jane Bunnett Quintet: Live at Sweet Basil (1990)
Hole in One; You Don't Know What Love Is; In Dew Time; For Merceditas - El Sol; Ginastera; Double Arc Jake
+ Larry Cramer, Kieran Overs, Billy Hart

Kip Hanrahan: Tenderness (1988-90)
16 tracks, several artists

Kip Hanrahan: American Clave Anthology (1987-1990)

David Murray: Shakill's Warrior (1991)
Blues for Savannah; Song from the Old Country; High Priest; In the Spirit; Shakill's Warrior; At the Cafe Central; Black February; Milano Strut
+ Stanley Frank, Andrew Cyrille

Ivo Perelman: Children Of Ibeji (1991)
[Mina Do Sante;] O Morro; [Chant for Logum; Oh!Que Noite Tao Bonita;] Chant for Oshum; [Chant for Oshala; Little Rocks Oshala; Tom's Dinner; Chant for Ibeji; Cantara]
+ Flora Purim, Fred Hopkins, Andrew Cyrille, Guilherme Franco, Frank Colon, Manolo Badrena, Mor Thiam

Don Pullen & The African Brasilian Connection: Kele Mou Bana (1991)
Capoeira; Listen to the People; Kele Mou Bana; L.V.M/Directo ad Assunto; Yebino Spring; Doo-Wop Daze; Cimili/Drum Talk
+ Carlos Ward, Nilson Matta, Guilherme Franco, Mor Thiam, Keith Pullen, Tameka Pullen

Roots: Salutes The Saxophon (1991)
Cottontail; Parker's Mood; Impressions; You Don't Know What Love Is; The Panther; Body And Soul; St.Thomas; Red Top; Lester Leaps In
+ Arthur Blythe, Tommy Campbell, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Sam Rivers, Santi Debriano

Roots: Stablemates (1992)
Stolen Moments; Linden Boulevard; Requiem for a Rabbit; Night Train; I Remember Eric Dolphy; Stablemates; Ah,George,We Hardly Knew Ya; Walkin'; Party's Over
+ Arthur Blythe, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Sam Rivers, Santi Debriano, Idris Muhammad

Roots: Salute To The Saxophon (DVD,1992)
Never Always; Parker's Mood; Body and Soul; After Dark; You Don't Know What Love Is; Lester Leaps In
+ Arthur Blythe, Nathan Davis, Chico Freeman, Sam Rivers, Santi Debriano

Jack Walrath: Serious Hang (1992)
Anya And Liz On The Veranda; Get On The Good Foot; Better Get Hit In Your Soul; Izlyal E. Delyo Haidoutin; Monk's Feet; Decisions; Gloomy Sunday; Weird And Wond erful
+ David Fiuczynski, Michael Formanek, Cecil Brooks III

Kip Hanrahan: Exotica (1992)
11 tracks, several artists

Don Pullen & The African Brazilian Connection: Ode To Life (1993)
The Third House On The Right; Paraty; El Matador; Ah George, we hardly Knew ya; Aseeko! (Get Up And Dance); Anastasia/Pyramid; Variation On Ode To Life
+ Carlos Ward, Nilson Matta, Giulherme Franco, Mor Thiam

Don Pullen & The African Brazilian Connection: Live...Again-Live At Montreux(1993)
Yebono spring; Ah George, we hardly Knew ya; Capoeira; Kele Mou Bana; Aseeko!
+ Carlos Ward, Nilson Matta, J.T. Lewis, Mor Thiam

Jane Bunnett: The Water Is Wide (1993)
Elements of Freedom; Time Again; Real Truth; Serenade to a Cuckoo; You Must Believe in Spring; Influence Peddling; Pannonica; Brake's Sake; Burning Tear; Lucky Strike; The Water is Wide; Rockin' in Rhythm
+ Larry Cramer, Billy Hart, Kieran Overs, Sheila Jordan, Jeanne Lee

David Murray Quartet: Shakill's II (1993)
Sixth Sense; Blues Somewhere; For Cynthia; Shakill's II; Crazy Tales; One for Don; 1529 Gunn Street
+ Bill White, John Lewis

Don Pullen: Sacred Common Ground (1995)
The eagle staff is first; Common ground; River song; Reservation blues; Message in smoke; Resting on the road; Reprise: Still here
+ Carlos Ward, J.T.Lewis, Mor Thiam

Kip Hanrahan: All Roads Are Made of the Flesh (1982-94)
7 tracks, several artists

Kip Hanrahan: Drawn From Memory (Greatest Hits, or Whatever... Kip on Campus)(1994?)
14 tracks, several artists

Kip Hanrahan: A Thousand Nights And A Night (1-Red Nights) (1994-96)
16 tracks, several artists

Kip Hanrahan: A Thousand Nights And A Night (Shadow Nights -1) (1994-98)
15 tracks, several artists

Kip Hanrahan: A Thousand Nights And A Night (Shadow Nights -2) (1994-98)
13 tracks, several artists

Don Pullen: The best of the BLUE NOTE Years (1986-95)
Song from the old country; Sing me a song everlasting; New beginnings; Jana's delight; Indio gitano; Andre's Up And Downs; Reservation Blues; El Matador; Ode To Life

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