Don Pullen: Discography

Track List of Don Pullen compositions
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titlecomposerinstrumentslengthrec.on LP / CD
Ah George, We Hardly Knew YaPullenp,as,b,dr12:141992 Roots: Stablemates
Ah George, We Hardly Knew YaPullenp,as,fl,b,perc13:031993 Ode To Life
Ah George, We Hardly Knew Ya X Pullenp,as,fl,b,perc,voc18:211993 Live...Again
Ain't No BluesWilliams/Pullenorg a.o.4:171972 Stickball
All is WellPullenp,as,tp,b,dr1:581985 The Sixth Sense
Andre's Ups And DownsPullenp,b,dr5:191990 Random Thoughts
Another Reason to CelebratePullenp,ts,fl,dr,b8:441987 Song Everlasting
At the Cafe CentralePullenp,b,dr2:281988 New Beginnings
At the Cafe Central X Pullenorg,ts,g,dr8:371991 Shakill's Warrior
Big AlicePullenp,ts,fl,tp,b,dr5:441973 Mingus Moves
Big AlicePullenp10:011975 Solo Piano Album
Big AlicePullenp,ts,v,tp,g,b,dr10:481977 Tomorrow's Promises
Big AlicePullenp,ts,b,dr22:251979 All That Funk
Big AlicePullenp,ts,b,dr17:50 1983Live At The Village Vanguard 2
Big AlicePullenp,fl5:281988 In Dew Time
Calypso In RomaPullenp,ts,fl,b,dr,perc7:551975 Jazz A Confronto
Capricorn RisingPullenp,ts,ss,fl,b,dr,tamb11:481975 Capricorn Rising
Chop!Chop!Williams/Pullen/Curtis/Brooksp,org,as,ts,g,b,dr,perc4:341971 Trees And Grass and Things
Common GroundKenmille/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc10:221995 Sacred Common Ground
CommunicationPullenp,dr,perc10:381978 Milano Strut
ConversationPullenp,dr,perc9:101978 Milano Strut
Curve ElevenPullenp,dr,perc13:161978 Milano Strut
DecisionsPullenp,ts6:501982 Melodic Excursions
Decisions X Pullenp,ts,b,dr7:061984 Decisions
DecisionsPullenorg,tp,g,b,dr3:031992 Serious Hang
Dee ArrPullenp,ts,fl,b,dr,perc6:181975 Jazz A Confronto
Dee Arr X Pullenp,ts,b,dr7:151979 All That Funk
Dialogue Between Malcolm And Betty X Pullenp,b,dr,perc21:471977 Montreux Concert
Doo-Wop Daze X Pullenp,as,b,perc11:461991 Kele Mou Bana
Double Arc Jake X Pullenp,ts,b,dr15:471979 Don't Lose Control
Double Arc JakePullenp,dr,fh,bs,ts,b,dr,perc8:321980 Well Kept Secret
Double Arc JakePullenp,as,ts,fl11:121989 New York Duets
Double Arc JakePullenp,ss,fl,tp,b,dr15:561990 Live At Sweet Basil
El MatadorPullenp,as,fl,b,perc6:031993 Ode To Life
Endangered Species: African American...Pullenp,b,dr7:361990 Random Thoughts
Evidence of Things Unseen X Pullenp11:401983 Evidence of Things Unseen
Five to GoPullenp24:401975 Five To Go
Four MovePullenp21:101975 Five To Go
GratitudePullenp7:361984 Don Pullen Plays Monk
Gratitude / Alternate TakePullenp4:551984 Don Pullen Plays Monk
GratitudePullenp,as,tp,b,dr9:461985 The Sixth Sense
Gratitude X Pullenp,as,ts,fl6:091989 New York Duets
Healing ForcePullenp8:251975 Healing Force
Healing ForcePullenp,dr,str14:521987 Duet in Detroit
Hippy DippyPullenp,fl,saxes,dr9:161979 The Magic Triangle
In the SpiritPullenorg,ts,g,dr9:491991 Shakill's Warrior
In The BeginningPullenp18:401983 Evidence of Things Unseen
In The BeginningPullenp,as,tp,b,dr11:561985 The Sixth Sense
Indio GitanoPullenp,b,dr9:391990 Random Thoughts
Jana's DelightPullenp,b,dr4:501988 New Beginnings
Joycie Girl X Pullenp,ss,b,dr,tamb6:361975 Capricorn Rising
Just Foolin' AroundPullenp,ts,b,dr6:201986 Breakthrough
Kahji X Pullenp,ts8:161982 Melodic Excursions
Keep On Steppin'Pullenp18:401975 Healing Force
Last Year's Lies And... X Pullenp,ts,v,tp,g,b,dr5:36 1977 Tomorrow's Promises
Listen to the PeoplePullenp,as,b,perc,voc8:001991 Kele Mou Bana
"Mahalia" ... No Other OnePullen/Bluiettorg,fl,b,dr1:581977 Resolution
Message in SmokeKenmille/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc8:201995 Sacred Common Ground
Metamorphosis for MingusAdams/Pullen/Richmondp,ts,b,dr15:121979 More Funk
Milano Strut X Pullenorg,dr,perc7:281978 Milano Strut
Milano StrutPullenorg,ts,g,dr8:171991 Shakill's Warrior
Monkin' Around>Pullenp9:411984 Don Pullen Plays Monk
Moving UpPullenp,org,as,ts,g,b,dr,perc5:421971 Trees And Grass and Things
My BrothersPullen/Reedp,org,voc,...7:011987 Cab Calloway
New Beginnings X Pullenp,b,dr4:301988 New Beginnings
Newcomer X Pullenp,ts,fl,tp,b,dr7:121973 Mingus Moves
NewcomerPullenp,dr,fh,bs,ts,b,dr,perc6:421980 Well Kept Secret
Newcomer; Seven Years LaterPullenp,ts,b,dr9:301981 Life Line
Nobody Knows The Trouble I've SeenTrad.arr. Adams/Pullenp,ts,fl,b,dr 5:181983 City Gates
Ode To LifePullenp,b,dr8:391990 Random Thoughts
Once Upon A TimePullenp,b,dr5:381988 New Beginnings
One For The DonPullenorgan,ts,g,dr8:151993 Shakill's II
Pain InsidePullenp15:501975 Healing Force
PerseverancePullenp3:001983 Evidence of Things Unseen
PharoahPullenseveral9:311977 Enchance
[Land Of The] PharoahsPullenp,ts,b,dr13:401978 Warriors
[Land Of The] PharoahsPullenp,dr,fh,bs,ts,b,dr,perc5:361980 Well Kept Secret
Poodie PiePullen/Burton/Mageep,ts,v,tp,g,b,dr6:361977 Tomorrow's Promises
Random Thoughts X Pullenp,b,dr9:051990 Random Thoughts
Reap the WhirlwindPullenp,b,dr5:481988 New Beginnings
RejoicePullenp1:041983 Evidence of Things Unseen
Remember?Pullenp,ts,b,dr5:001979 Don't Lose Control
Reservation BluesKenmille/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc6:421995 Sacred Common Ground
Resting on the RoadKenmille/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc7:471995 Sacred Common Ground
Richards TunePullenp8:201975 Solo Piano Album
River SongKenmille/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc7:301995 Sacred Common Ground
Samba For NowPullenp,ts,fl,b,dr8:311983 City Gates
Saturday Night in the CosmosPullen/Deanp,ts,b,dr6:351980 Earth Beams
Saturday Night in the CosmosPullenp,ts,b,dr11:24 1983Live At The Village Vanguard 2
Silence=DeathPullenp,b,dr10:191988 New Beginnings
So NiceAdams/Pullenp,ts,b,dr10:401979 More Funk
Song EverlastingPullenp,ts,b,dr,g11:231985 Live At Montmartre
(Sing me a) Song Everlasting X Pullenp,ts,fl,dr,b10:301987 Song Everlasting
Song From the Old CountryPullenp,org,as,ts,g,b,dr,perc6:171971 Trees And Grass and Things
Song from the Old Country X Pullenp,ts,b,dr8:131986 Breakthrough
Song from the Old CountryPullenorg,ts,g,dr7:011991 Shakill's Warrior
Song Played BackwardsPullenp9:051975 Solo Piano Album
Sophisticated Alice X Pullenp,ts,b,dr7:221980 Earth Beams
Still Here (Reprise)Kenmille/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc1:401995 Sacred Common Ground
Suite MalcomPullenp15:351975 Solo Piano Album
Tales From The Bright SidePullenp,as,tp,b,dr8:531985 The Sixth Sense
Thank You, Mr. MonkPullenp,ts,b,dr38:451988 Jazzbühne Berlin
Thank You Very Much, Mr.Monk X Pullenp,ts,fl,b,dr7:571983 City Gates
The Necessary Blues X
(Thank You Very Much, Mr.Monk)
Pullenp,ts,b,dr13:15 1983Live At The Village Vanguard
The Necessary Blues
(Thank You Very Much, Mr.Monk)
Pullenp,ts,b,dr13:35 1986 Breakthrough
The CallingPullenp,ts6:361982 Melodic Excursions
The DancerPullenp,b,dr5:581990 Random Thoughts
The Eagle Staff is FirstAuld/Pullenp,as,dr,perc,tb,b,voc3:471995 Sacred Common Ground
The Great Escape X Pullenp,ts,b,dr4:361981 Life Line
The Great EscapePullenp,ts,b,dr11:15 1983Live At The Village Vanguard 2
The Sixth SenseDean/Pullenp,as,tp,b,dr9:461985 The Sixth Sense
The Sixth SenseDean/Pullenorgan,ts,g,dr11:241993 Shakill's II
Tracey's Blues X Pullenp8:301975 Healing Force
Traceys of DanielPullenp,ts,fl,b,dr,perc11:481975 Jazz A Confronto
Trees and Grass and ThingsPullenp,org,as,ts,g,b,dr,perc4:331971 Trees and Grass and Things
Trees and Grass and ThangsPullenp,ts,b,dr9:001984 Decisions
Variation on Ode to Life X Pullenp,as,fl,b,perc11:691993 Ode To Life
Victory DancePullenp8:201983 Evidence of Things Unseen
Warm UpPullenp,ts,fl,dr,b9:501987 Song Everlasting
WarriorsPullenp,b,dr4:401988 New Beginnings
Warriors Dance: Little Don X Pullenp,ts,b,dr31:111978 Warriors
Well, I Guess We'll Never Know X Pullenp,ts,b,dr,g8:231985 Live At Montmartre
What Was Ain'tPullenp,fl,saxes,dr10:441979 The Magic Triangle
We've Been Here All the TimePullenp,ts,b,dr9:091986 Breakthrough
Within an Hour, in New Orleans,...Pullenp0:57 ? All Roads Are Made Of the Flesh
626 FairfaxPullenp,b,dr6:401990 Random Thoughts
1529 Gunn StreetPullenp,ts,fl,dr,b6:141987 Song Everlasting
1529 Gunn StreetPullenorgan,ts,g,dr6:521993 Shakill's II