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These MP3 sound files may give you an impression of the music of Don Pullen.
titlecomposerinstrumentsrec.on LP / CD
Newcomer Pullenp,ts,fl,tp,b,dr1973 Mingus Moves
Joycie Girl Pullenp,ss,b,dr,tamb1975 Capricorn Rising
Tracey's Blues Pullenp1975 Healing Force
Last Year's Lies And... Pullenp,ts,v,tp,g,b,dr1977 Tomorrow's Promises
Dialogue Between Malcolm And Betty Pullenp,b,dr,perc1977 Montreux Concert
Warriors Dance: Little Don Pullenp,ts,b,dr1978 Warriors
Milano Strut Pullenorg,dr,perc1978 Milano Strut
Dee Arr Pullenp,ts,b,dr1979 All That Funk
Double Arc Jake Pullenp,ts,b,dr1979 Don't Lose Control
Sophisticated Alice Pullenp,ts,b,dr1980 Earth Beams
The Great Escape Pullenp,ts,b,dr1981 Life Line
Kahji Pullenp,ts1982 Melodic Excursions
Thank You Very Much, Mr.Monk Pullenp,ts,fl,b,dr1983 City Gates
The Necessary Blues
(Thank You Very Much, Mr.Monk)
Pullenp,ts,b,dr1983Live At The Village Vanguard
Evidence of Things Unseen Pullenp1983 Evidence of Things Unseen
Decisions Pullenp,ts,b,dr1984 Decisions
Well, I Guess We'll Never Know Pullenp,ts,b,dr,g1985 Live At Montmartre
Song from the Old Country Pullenp,ts,b,dr1986 Breakthrough
(Sing me a) Song Everlasting Pullenp,ts,fl,dr,b1987 Song Everlasting
New Beginnings Pullenp,b,dr1988 New Beginnings
Gratitude Pullenp,as,ts,fl1989 New York Duets
Random Thoughts Pullenp,b,dr1990 Random Thoughts
At the Cafe Central Pullenorg,ts,g,dr1991 Shakill's Warrior
Doo-Wop Daze Pullenp,as,b,perc1991 Kele Mou Bana
Variation on Ode to Life Pullenp,as,fl,b,perc1993 Ode To Life
Ah George, We Hardly Knew Ya Pullenp,as,fl,b,perc,voc1993 Live...Again